Smart Ceiling

Example for office 10 – 1000 m2

Normal to high cooling load


Room with heating load from persons, lighting, IT (machinery), heat transmission through the building and solar irradiance through the windows.


Smart Ceiling controlled ventilation, cooling and heating. Control of the air volume (VAV-Damper) according to whether there are persons in the room, temperature and/or CO2 load.


• Air inlet from the main ventilation system over the ceiling (no ducts)
• VAV-Damper
• Smart Ceiling (Metal Ceiling)
• Inlet diffusers mounted in the ceiling
• Exhaust diffusers can be placed in the ceiling, in the wall or where it is best for the design of the room


  • Ventilation, cooling and heating in the same installation
  • No Ducts
  • Low differential pressure (Energy saving) – 300 mm above ceiling
  • Reduced floor height (gross)
  • Cover large cooling needs up to 100W/m2 in Indoor Climate Cat. A
  • No Draught
  • Variable airflow 25-100%
  • Flexible ceiling solutions
  • Short construction period
  • Design, calculation and documentation

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