About JS Koncept A/S - JS Ventilation A/S

JS Koncept A/S, founded in 2017 to export innovative products, is 100% owned by JS Ventilation A/S. In 1984, JS Ventilation A/S established and managed to manifest itself in the Danish ventilation segment as a company, creating unique and unconventional solutions to any ventilation challenge, however unique solutions require unique components. Therefore, JS Ventilation A/S established its own workshop and electrical department that could produce the components, which were missing in the market within solutions and controls. The company and employees have therefore accumulated rich professional specialist knowledge; providing results and innovative solutions.

The Smart Ceiling system – Innovation and simplicity – We use the Laws of Nature

“Smart Ceiling” is the fruit of skills and hard work. The solution is greeted by a hands-on approach combined with an innovative approach to solving often complicated challenges. With the use of natural laws and smart design, JS Ventilation A/S has invented a combined cooled Ceiling and ventilation solution, which can reduce the floor height and provide space for multiple floors at high build height. This means: no ducts, design freedom, shorter construction time, no maintenance, and it contributes to lower energy consumption. “Smart Ceiling” is therefore a sustainable solution that can handle large refrigeration requirements without condensation and draught inconvenience and meets the requirements for indoor climate category A. “Smart Ceiling” is patented and developed in close cooperation with and tested by the Danish Technological Institute.


In Denmark, the “Smart Ceiling” solution has been met with great interest, and therefore JS Ventilation A/S, 1 July 2017, established the subsidiary JS Koncept A/S with a prime focus on export. Preliminary contacts or cooperation agreements have been established in Germany, Austria, Norway and Dubai in UAE.

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