Rigshospitalet – The Copenhagen University Hospital

New ventilation solution for Rigshospitalet’s OPS intensive care wards

  • 8 OPS intensive care wards
  • Medication room
  • Pharmacy – massage room
  • Pharmacy – office
  • Current projects: - 8 intensive care wards and 2 observation wards for Children with paediat-ric cardiac

Rigshospitalet (the Copenhagen University Hospital) needed better cooling of its intensive care wards and to get rid of draughts that were problematic for both patients and staff.

To solve these air cooling and draught problems, the Smart Ceiling system with ventilation and cooling was installed in eight OPS intensive care wards. This system can handle cooling loads even larger than 100W/m2, while at the same time ensuring a comfortable indoor climate without draught. An extra bonus for Rigshospitalet was that the new ceiling system also solved existing problems with a shortage of space above the ceiling. This was caused by the many technical installations above the ceiling, that this type of ward usually has. With the Smart Ceiling system, no ventilation ducts are necessary; because of the entire air handling space above the ceiling functions as an air pressure chamber.

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