Copenhagen International School

New build with major savings and good indoor climate

  • 26.000 m2 (19.000 m2 Ceiling)
  • Approx. 4% saving of over-all economy
  • 2,1 meters lower overall height
  • No pipes or ducts
  • Indoor climate category A
  • No draught

Construction calls for new solutions and new solutions call for innovative thinking. That’s why Copenhagen International School chose to install Smart Ceiling; prior to launch in Nordhavn January 2017.

Smart Ceiling is a climate ceiling system reducing height between floors, shortening construction time, resulting in a better overall economy. We delivered approx. 19.000 m2 ceiling plates resulting in a 4% saving of the entire construction sum.

Copenhagen International School’s large construction consists of 4 towers; of which 1 tower has 7 floors. Choosing Smart Ceiling saved 2,1 meters of overall height – also resulting in a cut-off of stairs, glass fronts, steel and concrete.

Many students generate a lot of heat. It was of utmost importance that our solution was able to cool rooms, with many people and large glass sections. The Danish Technological Institute con- firmed that Smart Ceiling complied with the strict requirements within indoor climate, as regards draught and temperature.

Thus, Smart Ceiling perfectly suited Copenhagen International School’s needs and wishes for creat- ing a sustainable school with the latest technology and optimal indoor climate.

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